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Vengeful Vine - Modern Deck Tech

This week we have modern deck tech written by our own Tom Quigley.

Vengevine and Bridge from Below in Modern? 8 power on turn one? Is this really a modern deck? The answer is yes! With the printing of Stitcher’s Supplier in M19 this strategy became viable.

The general strategy is to use a Faithless Looting or a Stitcher’s Supplier to put Vengevine and/or a Bridge from Below into the graveyard. Then you can cast a Walking Ballista or Hangarback Walker for zero mana triggering Bridge from Below and if it’s the second creature you cast that turn triggering Vengevine. That is a pretty explosive turn one!

The next turn you can suspend a Greater Gargadon. This is your sac outlet that you can abuse to get as many triggers from Bridge from Below as possible. If you have a zombie out already you can cast a Gravecrawler from your graveyard then sac it to the Greater Gargadon, triggering Bridge from Below making a zombie. As long as you have a zombie and Bridge from Below stays in your graveyard you can abuse this mini loop to get a bunch of zombies and eventually a greater Gargadon on the battlefield! Doing all this on the early turns of a game can be back breaking for your opponent.

After you have a bunch of creatures on the board you can Kick a Goblin Bushwhacker to give everything haste and +1+0! If at any time you are stuck with a Vengevine or a Bridge from Below in your hand you can discard it with Faithless looting or with an Insolent Neonate. And for even more recursion you play Bloodghast that can be sacrificed to a Greater Gargadon getting you a zombie from Bridge from Below. Then you can play a fetch land getting Bloodghast back sac it again making another zombie, use the fetch land to get another land bringing Bloodghast back again! This deck wants to pump out zombies fast and it’s super explosive and fun to play.

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