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Triple Threat Thursday

It's your weekly financial report, published each Thursday about what's good, what's up and what you should pickup.

Starting out I'd like to identify 3 different categories of cards that you should invest in if you'd like to grow your collection without hurting your wallet and maybe even make a few bucks.

Revised Cards (set)

When I first opened a store you'd get boxes full of revised cards (that weren't dual lands) and no one cared. Now some of them are actually worth money due to the larger player base that exists and their overall comparative scarcity. Revised was heavily printed back in the day, but in no way compared to what sets do now. Because of this investors who missed the major reserved list buyouts are looking toward old cards not on the reserved list. However these cards must also have functionality or unique abilities, and haven't been reprinted in 20 years by WoTC.

-Here's a few examples-

Ivory Tower 2.50$ (only 3 prints + 1 FTV print) This card has been on the uptick since Jan. 2018. With the way buyouts and speculators work this one could leave you behind if you want one next year.

Mana Flare 3.00$ (6 prints total + 1 CE print) This card is currently on the uptick and has viability in commander. This is a good pickup because it has a playable ability in commander.

Smoke 1.50$ (6 prints +1 CE print) This card is also on the uptick from bulk rare to 1.50$. Commander is where this card excels!

You also could buy just about any Rare card and end up doing OK as long as it's not a staple reprint on the WoTC roster. The cards I've listed are just cheap pickups that have large potential for price growth. Be careful though because just buying willy nilly on this sort of speculation can end up just leaving you in the cold.

But what about me?

Standard Specs (format)

This one is easy... The first 2 will stay low until Ravnica gets opened instead of M19 as the "new cool" set. Once that happens the price will slowly creep up since they are staple cards in other formats.

  1. Crucible of Worlds (18.00 vs 70.00 before the reprint)

  2. Scapeshift (10.00 vs 40.00 before the reprint)

  3. Vine Mare (U) 0.99$ Green, hexproof, 5/3 for 4 mana. Also can't be blocked by black creatures aka grixis control. Seems really good.

  4. Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma (R) 1.49$ Green, this guy reduces the cost of your big creatures, has an anthem effect, and gives trample to all your big hitters. Post rotation this guy could easily be an MVP in any ramp deck out there depending on where the control meta goes.

But what about Nicol Bolas? Nothing. Grixis is good now but if it looses support post rotation he's just a big hitter with no home.

Sealed Specs (sealed product)

Buy Battlebond. See the below info-graphic on how to make money.

I'll give you a hint. Phase 2 is wait.

It's got legacy staples, modern staples, 1st time foil printings, crazy new planeswalkers. Buy it by the box. But don't open it. It is currently sold out at all of distributors and is creeping up to over 100.00 per box online.

BUT and this is a big BUT wizards has asking distributors if they believe there is a viability for a 2nd wave aka will we the stores buy more. We've seen this with other product like Unstable in recent memory. Don't let this dissuade you though because this set has longevity either way.

Well that's all the time I have to highlight some cards that you should pickup before you're left out. Most of these ones seem like common sense but I see it everyday when players say "Oh I'll just buy that next week" and by that time the price has gone up 150%. So don't get left out folks!


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(Please note that these opinions are simply from a store owner who's been in the business 5 years and played for 20. Don't go and spend your entire life fortune on a blog speculation with no prior research yourself).


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