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Thursday Money Maker Post

These are the things you need to know for this week.

1. Commander 2018 drops on Friday. Here's what you should buy!

2. Budget speculations for 2018 singles

This is a modern day depiction of global climate change

Commander 2018 = BUY

It's here at last and with it a new price tag and internet outrage. However what I suspect you don't know is that WoTC heavily allocated this product. Meaning that for past releases stores stocked up on it, but for this one many stores got only a fraction of what they asked for. Simple supply and demand will kick in after that.

Some singles you should have already picked up were ninja's but there's still time for auras and enchantments. Don't get caught with your pants down for the incoming wave of price spikes for commander. If the card fits the deck, it will go up in the next few weeks.

Are you a fan of Taco Bell? Well instead of buying the 2 chalupa combo buy a couple of these!

"Those who fail to respect taco bell will soon be consumed by it"

Check this out, 2 drop, red, currently 1.45$ and it punishes enchantment decks or enchantments on the board!

Let's take a look at this card!

1. Only 1 print in a limited commander format.

2. Low mana cost.

3. Red enchantment with a unique effect that gets damage through early and has a big impact on late game.

4. Nice art.

The last qualifier really isn't a big deal but the rest is all you need. This card may even fall to the bulk price once online markets start to drop as people list singles en masse this weekend.

Ok so this card is actually busted. I'm glad it's so heavy on the mana but still in a mono white equipment deck this can easily be on the field and beefed up turn 3.

Let's take a look at this card!

1. Flying, Double strike

2. Free equipment cost and it can equip auras from other permanents when it ETBs ... He's Heating up

3. Anthem affect based on the amount of equipment and auras attached to it

He's on Fire!

4. Currently 2.65$


This card is a bomb plan and simple. I myself will probably buy 50 or 60 to hang on to for later. The anthem affect after pulling the buffs from creatures is what makes this card particularly devastating. All lost power and toughness is redistributed with the anthem automatically. Plus if you have any totem armors out on the field you now have an un-killable double striking anthem monster.

This wraps up another Thursday Financial report, hope you all are making good investments!


As always this is purely for entertainment, if you really go and spend your taco bell money on cardboard... well actually I guess Taco Bell is cardboard so nothing lost.


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