• NotJoe

Money Maker Thursday

Planechase Anthology boxed set. Currently 94.40$ on TCGplayer. This hot load of garbage was just terrible at launch. A 149.99$ price tag and about 70$ of value, seems bad man. Now you're probably saying if it's so bad why on earth should I buy this?

Ninja's huh? That's cool I guess.

Literally 1 card, Sakashima's Student (33.50$) To be honest you could probably go to any small MTG shop and offer 70$ for an Anthology box and the store would probably go for it. I believe cost was around 80$ for the boxes and let me tell you, we've sold 1 box in 2 years.

The box itself has about 100.00$ in value of singles, a planechase deck, and the life counters. The planechase decks are great to have in general and are a blast when friends are over. The life counters are fun items and actually quite useful when playing commander. If you can snag a box sub 90 it's a good pickup if you want to use the cards in it.

Hope this helps guide your purchases going forward!



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